Saturday, May 6, 2017

Utah Quilting & Sewing Marketplace Photo Album

Here are the photos I took at the Utah Quilting & Sewing Marketplace on May 4, 2017. My friend Lynda and I started with breakfast at The Black Bear Diner in Sandy, Utah.

From there, we went to the South Towne Exposition Center for the quilt show, where we met up with Karan and Margareth. We ran into Brenda while looking at quilts.

Here are just a few of the quilts.

This last one is called "Taking Root," and depicts a dog and a rabbit fighting over a carrot while a worm looks on. This moon wall hanging had an overlay with some space between the two layers, so it was 3-D. Perhaps you can see the dimensions in the three photos I took from different angles.

Here are some more with the moon theme.

Then there were some quilts made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics with a house theme.

There were lots of great booths, like this one with an embroidery machine. It was working on a Steampunk butterfly design, but in some very unsteampunk-like colors.

The display on the screen was more like what I think of as Steampunk. There was a ton (at least) of fabric to buy. (I resisted, because I live in a quilt shop.)

Since this is the Ruby Jubilee for the Utah Quilt Guild, there were some redwork quilts specifically chosen for the theme.

Many of them were amazing. I had to get a closeup of the edge of this quilt:

 This one had some nice appliqué.

 Here are some others that caught my eye. I especially liked this one, such a traditional quilt, something I could make. (The curves are an optical illusion. There is no curved piecing in this quilt.)

We saw an interesting tiger wall hanging.

Here's a very traditional antique-style quilt, something you might see in the mid-1800s.

A visit under the sea:

Along with the ocean theme, a traditional Ocean Waves quilt.

A Mariner's Compass block meets the flower garden.

More Mariner's Compass:

...and more traditional applique and more paper-pieced quilts.

This amazing quilt was designed and executed by a German man. (I had to take some closeups.)

I took some closeups when I spotted this little dog...

...and this hummingbird, produced from iridescent fabric.

This was either a photo transfer image, or the quilt maker painted it.

The man who made this quilt was inspired by fishing with his father. Buttons at the bottom hold tags, each with a comment about the inspiration along with a question for the viewer.

Here are some more lovely quilts. Like Rubic's Cube:

This one had a very Southwestern theme. A close look showed desert images, plants and animals.

This one looked something like a Native American rug.

This triptych was based on a photograph. The workmanship was lovely.

Whole cloth:

Warm colors:

Earth and sky:

Artistic, themed, traditional and mixtures of the three:

I think this one was fun. It featured three baby animals: a fish, a lizard and a bird. Which baby you see depends on where you stand.

We encountered a lady pinning the ribbons on the winning quilts.

We found this booth that had things for kids, including this dollhouse made from fabric and interfacing...

...and this Matchbox Car storage case and road system:

There was even a periodic table, for an older child who needed to commit this to memory.

Also some baby/toddler dresses.

Our feet got tired, but I think we saw most of the quilts. The vendors were interesting, but heavily into machine-stitching. It was wonderful inspiration, though.

This event takes place every year about this time. It's well worth having a year.

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