Monday, March 19, 2012

High Fiber—Something For Me!

You may remember this quilt I was making for Daphne.

I got it back from Julie, the professional quilter (Julie Thorum,, and just finished sewing on the binding. It's an I Spy quilt. Each square has a picture of something she can identify and name. Julie quilted it with an all-over pattern (pantograph), and her quilting was great, as usual.

Here's the back. It has a panel with the complete story of The Cat in the Hat, Daphne's favorite book. The red-and-white fabric is from The Lorax, as is the border fabric on the front.

Julie also finished Zachary's Train Quilt.

Julie custom-quilted this one. The center panel is cross-hatched, and the trains have circles on the wheels, swirls in the smoke and hearts in the air. It turned out great, too!

Both quilts have been washed and packed. The doctor thinks Zachary may arrive within a week rather than the three weeks until his due date. We're going to leave early to go to Wisconsin, maybe by the end of this week, even if nothing happens by then. We have everything packed and just need to transfer it to the car.

The next baby isn't due until June. I'm close to being done with the felted diaper bag, so I'm taking a break from baby knitting to work on my Dogwood Blossoms cardigan.

I have the kit from Knit Picks using their Palette yarn, but I'm making some changes. I've substituted colors, removing one color completely (Almond) and adding several (substituting Nutmeg for Almond and adding Sweet Potato and Turmeric). Also, I'm going to make the sweater with drop shoulders, rather than the cap sleeves. My stomach and hips are bigger than my shoulders, so the drop shoulder looks better on me, and stranded colorwork doesn't stretch as much as ribbing or cables. If I made the sweater to fit my shoulders, I would have to do some major shaping around the waist and hips to be able to button it up in front.

I printed a copy of the sleeve and body charts and the lists of which colors are used in each row, so I won't be thumbing through the pattern in the car.

Also going in the car with me will be my project for the Mary Scott Huff Mystery KAL. We should get another clue today, so I will be able to work on it while we're driving. I have sock yarn, too, so I can have some mindless knitting.

The car seats for the pups have been installed in the car, and their toys and food are packed and ready to go. Sunny just had her teeth cleaned. I'm glad we got that done before we had to leave. 

I'll send a PM when we leave. We should have Internet on the road, so I'll try to check in.

What's on my needles: The Dogwood Blossoms sweater, the diaper bag and my Mystery KAL project.
What's on my wheel: Same old, same old, but making progress. I'm taking my Golding on the trip so I can work on the Ashford "Mulberry" I started ages ago.
What's on my iPad: Finished Death Comes to Pemberly from Audible and am waiting to see what DH wants to listen to on the trip. Reading the written word in the form of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's All Wound Up on the Audible app.
What's my app of the week: Netflix. We switched from the DVDs to streaming for the trip.
What's in my wine glass: Fish Eye Pinot Noir 2010. Doesn't sound appetizing, but it's very good.

Note: This blog post was produced entirely on the MacBook. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for or cleaned.

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