Monday, February 20, 2012

High Fiber—More Baby Stuff

I'm making progress on Zachary's quilt.

The pattern is the Chiloquilters Train Quilt. They placed the trains in strips, but in my version, there will be two trains, each going around two sides of the quilt, with a "tunnel" between each, so four blocks by four blocks. I designed the "tunnel." The other blocks are from the original quilt. I'll put something in the middle, I don't know what yet. It depends on what kind of fabric I can find for it. I still have to make the second caboose, the second tunnel and both locomotives. I'm going to be busy with this for a while! We learned this week that our other expected blessed event, BS, is also a boy, no name yet, though. BS's Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ), finished but for the buttons.

The pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmermann's The Opinionated Knitter, one of my favorite knitting books. Schoolhouse Press has a pamphlet that has row-by-row instructions, which is also nice. It has instructions for a collar, a hood, different methods for the CO, and making the increases and decreases, along with different sizes up to adult. My friends Joanie and Ellen accompanied me up to Ogden on Saturday to the antique fair. I didn't find any antiques to buy, but we stopped at The Needlepoint Joint, where I purchased some Targhee spinning fiber. I'm planning on doing a review of the shop next week, so stay tuned.

It's Mountain Colors "Crazy Woman." I got a little bit of spinning done during the week, but not much, after the Spin-in. I'm starting the second bobbin of Knit Picks Full Circle in "Caramel."

The Mary Scott Huff's Mystery "Flight Path" KAL is on hold until the people who bought kits get their extra yarn. That's OK. I have plenty of baby stuff to work on! Common Threads met this week. Ellen showed off her quilt, back from being quilted by Julie of Mountaintop Quilting ( I'll try to get a photo soon. Lynda has been knitting a beaded shell:

It's "Evening Lace" from Ann Budd's book Knitted Gifts. The beads are Lynda's own idea. Barbara was working on the mate to this sock from Churro wool:

Kay is back from a vacation in Costa Rica studying Spanish. She's working on a scarf: 

Brenda is working on a sock. It's from a kit.

For Daphne fans, our little girl is growing up.

We really have been enjoying Skyping with her. She was trying to make her tummy look big, like Mommy's. I hope we get there in time for her brother's birth!

Speaking of babies, I want to take a moment to welcome Will, Susan the Blue Lake Knitter's new grandson, born Wednesday. I'm sure you'll see some photos of him, if you haven't already. We've decided it's a good year for boys! I also want to send birthday greetings to Susan, whose birthday was Saturday, and to MartyAZ, who has a birthday next Wednesday.

What's on my needles: "Dogwood Blossoms" sweater from Knit Picks. I got a few rounds done on sleeve #2. Ready to CO diaper bag for BS.
What's on my wheel: Caramel Full Circle merino and Peruvian Highland Wool from Knit Picks.
What's on my iPad: Finished Steve Jobs. It was good. I'm perusing my iPad audiobooks, trying to figure out which one to start next. I'm also reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's All Wound Up—The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin through the Kindle app.
What's my app of the week: I have to toot the horn for QuiltCalc again. I keep using it to figure out how much fabric I need for different parts of quilts.
What's in my wine glass: Concannon Petit Sirah 2009. I think is would be even better with chocolate. Now where did I stash that chocolate?
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