Sunday, May 29, 2011

High Fiber--Taking the Group to Spring...

The visit to Gardner Village was the big event of the week. Since spring wouldn't come to Park City...

...we took the group to where spring had arrived. Seven members of Common Threads packed into two cars and drove down the mountain to the restored village, mill and farm in West Jordan, UT, which is now the location of dozens of cute shops.
The shops include the quilt shop Pine Needles and yarn shop Kamille's, which you can see on the other side of the stream in the photo above. The inside of Kamille's wasn't too good for photography, but I bought some sock yarn and left some fliers with them to hand out. I had a chance to explain Mitts of Steal and get them to agree to help recruit knitters/crocheters for us. They did have some nice yarn, especially novelty yarn.

Pine Needles is a little more photogenic, but how can you compete with bolts of lovely, bright fabric?

That's Karan on the left. Pine Needles had lots of patterns:

Georgette found some interesting projects to look at:

They had lots of quilts for inspiration, like this:

And this:

I left with some fat quarters and a desire to come back!

I received photos this week of the first distribution for Mitts of Steal. This photo shows Angelkarhu, our founder, CEO, CFO (easy job, since we don't handle money), Executive Director and Grand Muckety Muck on the left, and a dialysis patient and Mitt recipient on the right.

Dialysis patients often suffer pain and cold hands from a condition called Steal Syndrome, which is caused by circulating the blood outside the body to clean it. The Mitts alleviate the condition, while still allowing the patient to read, knit, text, or eat during treatment.
The project is growing. This week Angelkarhu, who is herself a dialysis patient and avid knitter, received an offer from Unwind, a yarn shop located in Claremore, OK, to make 100 pairs of Mitts. Sixty pairs will go to their local Davita dialysis clinic in Claremore, and 40 will go to Angelkarhu for clinics in Oregon. Davita is a national clinic, like Fresenius (where the first Mitts have been distributed), so we're expecting this to take off. That means we need more Mitts! This is a quick and easy project. You can get a pair of mitts out of a 50 gm ball of yarn, including men's sizes. (Click on the link above for further information.) Angelkarhu recently received recognition from MIKE (Multicultural Kidney Education Program) for her work in mentoring new dialysis patients and for organizing Mitts of Steal.

Friday the knitting group met after a long hiatus. We carpooled to Oakley, UT, to meet at Barbara's house. Karan brought her finished shawl.

This is like a similar one she made, only she replaced the nupps with beads, which you can see in this closeup:

Saturday night we got another 3" of snow, which restrict the pups to the front deck, so as not to be squashed flat by snow falling from the roof. Here's what the deck looked like early in the evening:

Will spring ever arrive in Park City? Tune in next week (or the week after that, or the week after that...) to find out.

What's on my needles: DBIL's cardi and a felted bag for my MacBook, and I'm working on my applique project again for a special quilt.
What's on my wheel: The Louet Olive Green Corriedale, bobbin #2
What's in my hoop: The languishing hand-pieced quilt. I'm itching to finish it!
What's on my iPad: Now listening to the audiobook Three Weeks To Say Goodbye by C. J. Box. Next I plan to listen to Audible's Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. We watched the movie on Netflix the other evening, and I enjoyed it, so now I'm reading the audiobook.
What's on my iPod: Various podcasts, including The Sweater Quest by Adrienne Martini, read by the author. She's putting the chapters out one at a time as podcasts. Interesting!
What's my app of the week: The Weather Channel app. DD was traveling through Tornado Alley to get to her in-laws' home in Texas late last week on a day when tornadoes had been sighted. They made it OK, though!
What's in my wine glass: Salmon Creek Merlot 2009.

Note: This blog post was produced partly on the iPad. My MacBook was used for the rest, but no Windows were opened, waited for or cleaned.

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