Saturday, August 28, 2010

High Fiber: Fun With Fiber, Friends and Fur!

Of course, I have been spinning away! It's a wonder I'm not dizzier than I am!

Another dark chocolate Corriedale is finished, along with more of the dyed Corriedale in aqua on my KP Turkish drop spindle, and the Ashford merino and silk on my Golding.

Rocky and Sunny met the new neighbor, a golden retriever puppy temporarily named "Puppy."

Progress is happening on DH's Fair Isle Sleeveless cardi, although I had the buttonholes in and had gone two rows past them, when I discovered that I had put them on the wrong side! From now on, I'm going to do them the way Elizabeth Zimmerman says to do then for the Baby Surprise Jacket: make them on both sides. You sew buttons over one set anyway, and they make a good placement guide for the buttons. Well, this stuff is hard to frog, because it clings to itself, so I just dropped back the four sts involved with the buttonholes and knit back up and did the opposite where the buttonholes were supposed to be, putting them in. It only took two hours! Still on track to finish in time for cold weather!

Vintage Stitchers met on Thursday, and I have some quilting projects to show off. Here's Ellen's pineapple quilt, ready for the border.

Here are a couple of appliqué projects from the group:

Linda brought some of her hand-dyed alpaca from her herd. Her Etsy shop is at

One highlight of the week was a visit from Buffy Joseph, a friend from the Knitting Community Sock KAL. She was in the area for about a day, and so we met at the Denny's close to the SLC airport.

She's a quilter, too, so I brought Ellen along. (Ellen and I hit Elaine's Quilt Block in SLC first and did some damage!) I have plans for my first Turning Twenty quilt, having spent years making fairly complicated quilts. It's a present for a wedding in September. (Eek!)

I will soon be the proud owner of half of a Patrick Green drum carder! Photo next week! My spinning/knitting buddy and neighbor Lynda and I are going in halves on spinning/ knitting/quilting buddy Linda's used one.

What's on my needles? My lime-green food-coloring-dyed socks, and the DH's
sleeveless cardi.
What's on my wheel? Nothing, but more dark chocolate Corriedale soon!
What's on my drop spindles? The aforesaid aqua Corriedale on the Turkish spindle
and the aforesaid Ashford merino and silk on my Golding.
What's on my iPad? From Audible, The Passage by Justin Cronin.
What's on my iPod? A new podcast "Fiber Beat" available at http://
My app of the week: FirePlace. It keeps me toasty warm, if in spirit only!

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