Monday, September 6, 2010

High Fiber--Fun With Family and Fiber

All three of our kids came over the weekend to visit my DSIL Eileen, who has been battling cancer and has stopped treatment. DD brought her daughter, Daphne, which gave Grandma a little more baby time, something delightful, although I wish it were under happier circumstances. Here's Eileen and Daphne:

Daphne made the rounds, of course. Here she is with DS1, her Uncle Timo:

Tim's wife Patty was here, too, and when they left, we picked up DS2 and his DGF at the airport for a visit. Yesterday DD and darling Daphne left to return home.

The others left today, but not until after a nice hike.

We'll see DS2 and his DGF for Thanksgiving, but they're going to Thailand over Christmas this year. Daphne will be back here with her parents for Christmas, though, her first.

In fiber news, I've been working on some knitting and spinning projects. I did the first armhole steek on the Fair Isle sleeveless cardi:

On Monday, I went to my friend Linda's with my friend Lynda to purchase a drum carder, which Lynda and I will be sharing.

Linda has some new babies at her house! Fiber factories on the paw! (Alpacas don't have hooves.)

Tuesday I pieced a Turning Twenty quilt for a wedding present. I just got it back. When I trim the edges, I'll post another photo after I do the binding, but this will give you a taste.

My friend Julie did the quilting. Some friends are getting married this month. We wanted to give them something nice. This pattern is really quick, not like the Double Wedding Ring I'm making for DD. (That may take years, LOL!)

What's on my needles? My lime-green food-coloring-dyed socks and the DH's sleeveless cardi.
What's on my wheel? Dark chocolate Corriedale.
What's on my drop spindles? More aqua Corriedale on the Turkish spindle and the Ashford merino and silk on my Golding.
What's on my iPad? From Audible, The Passage by Justin Cronin.
What's on my iPod? A new podcast "Yarnspinner's Tales."
My app of the week: Virtuoso, because Daphne can play the piano and have fun with it!

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