Sunday, August 15, 2010

High Fiber: A New Spin on Singles

This has been an exciting week for me! My new KP Turkish drop spindle arrived with a selection of fiber. Of course, I had to try it out right away:

I sampled the Peruvian Highland Wool, the Superwash merino and nylon, the dyed Corriedale and the merino and silk. I was pleased with all of them. Of course, I got DH to stain my spindle first. I think it's pretty.
We went to a party and I took my Golding Tsunami drop spindle. See how much I got done during the party:

It's the Ashford merino and silk in "Mulberry" I've been working on for a while. I need to go to more parties!

I'm making progress with the natural dark chocolate Corriedale I've been spinning on my wheel. I'm planning on making a sweater with a patterned yoke. I just need to finish enough of the chocolate to go with these colors:

I've been spending a lot of time at the Spin Along here on the Knit Picks Community. After a little over a week, we have more than 50 members already! We have a lot of new spinners, too! I can't believe that with only 18 months of spinning experience, I'm one of the more experienced ones. I still have a lot to learn, though, and we have some "old timers" with years of experience, who jump in with tips, jewels of wisdom and good advice.
In other news, Miss Daphne hit three months and has given up the 3:00 AM parties and is sleeping instead...for now, anyway! Here she helps Daddy make some sense out of James Joyce:

The expression says it all! If a baby can't make sense out of James Joyce, then who can?
The hike DH and I took with the pups yesterday yielded some interesting insect friends who seem to get along while feeding at the same place:

The bee might be harder to "Where's Waldo?"
I've been working on the wedding quilt for DD and her new husband:

It will take a while, though!
I'm off tomorrow for a few days in the Uinta Mountains with the trailer, DH and the pups. I will have photos to share. I'm taking my knitting and spinning with me. It should be interesting! Happy knitting, spinning and quilting!

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