Friday, August 6, 2010

High Fiber, Happy Memories, Part Deux...the Sequel....

When we left our happy couple, they were walking down the aisle to the tune of "Great Balls of Fire!"

Now we find them, wedding photos finished and ready to entertain their guests...and party!

The dinner was wonderful. The food was great, and Miss Daphne made the rounds of her adoring fans, while her Daddy serenaded his new bride with his guitar.

It was wonderful to see all our family together.
DS1 (far right) and his DW (middle) barely made it in time. Here they enjoy the dinner with DS2.

Their flight was delayed in Detroit because of a mechanical problem and finally
canceled after it was too late to get another flight to Austin that night. The next flight from Detroit to Austin would get them there too late for the wedding. They took a flight to Dallas instead and rented a car one-way ($$$$). Their luggage, unfortunately, went to Atlanta! It arrived in Austin the next day, but the airline refused to send it to the hotel in Temple, so they had no clean clothes and DDIL didn't have her medication. DS1 met them at the hotel and took them to Walmart to get emergency clothing and got them back to the hotel just in time for them to walk in right before the bride! Whew! The sad part was the day we lost that we might have spent with them. However, we were together for this great event, and that makes me very happy!

The cake was wonderful! Beautiful and tasty!

The toss of the garter and of the bouquet were really interesting! DS2 and his
lovely partner, Lex, caught the garter and the bouquet, respectively. Hmmmm!

DGD1 arranged with her new cousins-in-law to back off when the bouquet was
thrown. They were the only other single ladies and just teenagers, so it was only right!

The couple looked so cute with little Daphne! Maybe they're next!

DGD1 looked cute, too, with her new cousin-in-law and the Bubby of all her cousins!

She landed a photo shoot while we were in Texas! The two photographers talked
photography all the next day. It was good to see them together! They are both very talented photographers, although they have different styles. Just like my fellow knitters!

The baby photo shoot was out at the ranch the next day. Grandma got a few photos in, but the two photographers took zillions. That baby is getting very used to having a camera shoved in her face! She was a good sport about it!

OK, I can't resist! Just one more gratuitous, heartbreakingly cute baby photo:

My niece Amanda has more photos at
If you go to look, please leave a comment! If you live in Western Washington, Northern Nevada or the Lake Tahoe area, she is available for photo shoots! Unless you live in the Riverside County, CA, area, you will have to wait a bit for
the other photographer, but I suspect that in a few years my family will have the entire west coast covered!
I spent today getting caught up on posts. What a lot y'all had to talk about while I was in Texas! (Oops, guess I brought some Texas home with me! It must be the grits!) Most of the posts were in the new Spin Along,

I just unloaded my Golding drop spindle. I plan to use the singles as singles. It will be about lace weight, and I think all the colors will show up better without plying. I didn't have my spindle lazy kate with me, so I had to improvise with this.

Here's what I ended up with:

I still have lots more to spin. This is Ashford's "Mulberry" merino and silk. Yum! Today I ordered some spinning supplies from KP. I don't know what I'll do with the spun yarn, but I think that the Superwash merino and nylon will be great for baby and toddler things, and I know it washes well.

That's it for now. Things are getting back to normal...sort of!

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