Monday, February 4, 2013

High Fiber--Seams About Right!

The quilting bug has hit me again:
I just finished this quilt top which will be a topper for our little table in the living room. The quilt contains several fabrics I received for Christmas along with some I bought when I visited DS1 and DDIL1 in Kokomo last year.
The sewing "fit" followed a session during which I made curtains for the laundry room window, a skirt for the laundry sink, and curtains to cover the pipes and tubes behind the washer and dryer. I still need to paint the room and tidy up.
Too bad I don't have a wide-angle lens. The other side of the room doesn't show. But then, I would have had to tidy it up some.
We had a special meeting of Common Threads on Thursday, which was the fifth Thursday of the month. The purpose was to start or work on our Dogwood Blossoms sweaters. Several people have started their sweaters or have made some progress. The more timid in our group soaked up the encouragement. One person is learning to knit Continental style, so she can knit with two hands for the two colors. Everyone was invited, whether they had the Dogwood Blossoms kit or not. People brought whatever they were working on. Karan's working on this hat:

Janet had several quilts for show-and-tell. She makes these for people who need a quilted hug, usually because of illness. 

She made this one using fabrics donated by a mutual friend. The one below was made from fabrics she had in her stash for some time.
This one should sheer up someone!
Joanie was wearing the shawlette she was working on two weeks ago:

DH and I celebrated Groundhog Day by taking a hike with the pups.

They really wanted him to throw the ball! I took one "posed" photo, but Sunny was camera shy.

Common Threads meets again next week. We're going to try to use each meeting to help each other with the Dogwood Blossoms sweaters.

What's on my needles: Christmas Waffle Cardi, Dogwood Blossoms. 
What's on my wheel: Full Circle Roving in "Pigeon," at work on it again.
What's on my iPad: D. E. Stevenson's The Fair Miss Fortune from Audible. Nice story, very funny. Also reading the eBook Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. Again. I got interested in it again after a question on Facebook about favorite Austen novels. I'm also getting caught up on my podcasts.
What's in my wine glass: Crane Lake Malbec, vintage 2011. Very nice value, lovely wine.

Note: This blog post was produced entirely on the MacBook, using the iPad for photo processing. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for or cleaned.

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