Monday, August 20, 2012

High Fiber—Life Gets Peachy.

This week brought another trip to Colorado, which meant...more knitting time!
I had volunteered to drive, but we had plenty of other volunteers, so I got to be a passenger, allowing me to finish 1.5" on the body of my Dogwood Blossoms Cardigan. Will I have it done in time to wear this winter?
There were four of us ladies in the car. We stayed in Palisade, CO, with a local lady. Here's the lovely Victorian house she lives in:
With five ladies and a couple of bottles of wine, it was like a slumber party! Palisade is a lovely old small town near Grand Junction. Walking around town was fun. We found this old church, which is still in use:
We were there during the Peach Festival. We missed the parade on Saturday, but were able to hit the Farmer's Market on Sunday morning. I bought some of these:
When we were about to leave to return home, DH called and told us about this fire near Park City across the Jordanelle Reservoir:
It started on Saturday. We haven't heard what caused it yet. It's a long way from our house, fortunately (about 10 miles), but close to DBIL's new home. He's out of town, but a friend is monitoring the situation for him. Onslow is boarded at a doggie kennel. We decided to drive back through Salt Lake, which avoided the area.
After I got home, I went on Facebook to see what was up with family. I found these photos of the DGSs. Here's Zachary, wearing the Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) I made just for him:
As you can see, he won't be wearing it much longer! However, the BSJs I made for Daphne were all in unisex colors, and a couple of them should be large enough for him for a while yet.
Soren is also growing like a weed. He's already editing music! (Actually, I assume the headphones are to protect his ears during a concert. Good idea!)
As I mentioned last week, we're changing a full bath and a 3/4 master bath into a small powder room and a nice-size master bath on our main level. The master is the only bedroom on the main floor, so the tub is unnecessary. They are both original from the '70s, lacking charm and totally beaten up. The Formica countertops have discolorations in them and the mirrors are pitted, making me wonder if someone played with a BB gun in there. There's a lot of wasted space and things that don't function.

The master shower is the size of a phone booth. You bang your head trying to pick up the soap! The new bathrooms should be very nice, though.

Another issue with the master bath is, you have to go through the closet to get to it. There isn't enough room for doors to cover the clothes, so it's a little like pawing your way through the wardrobe to get to Narnia. We're going to enlarge one side, put in two poles, so two layers of clothes can be hung in it, and then install sliding doors to hide the clothes and keep them free of dust. The other side will be made smaller and filled with cabinets and drawers for storage. It should look more like walking down a hall to get to the bathroom.

I'll let you know how it goes. Photos coming next week.

What's on my needles: Dogwood Blossoms Cardigan, my style.
What's on my iPad: Still The Political Brain by Drew Westen from Audible. I'm hoping I'll have more time to listen this week. Life has been busy!
What's my app of the week: Flipboard kept me in touch with the world over the weekend, at least when I had Internet.
What's in my wine glass: Rivarey Crianza 2009 Tempranillo from Rioja. One I've never tried before.
Note: This blog post was produced entirely on the MacBook. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for or cleaned.

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