Saturday, January 29, 2011

High Fiber--High on Sundance, Quilting and Knitting

What a busy week! My Vintage Stitchers group met right in the middle of Sundance!

More on quilting later. It has been a busy week at Sundance. Here are some fellow volunteers taking a quick break between films.

Sundance volunteers at break time

We had a little excitement on Sunday, while I was at the opera. There was a demonstration by a handful of people from the Westboro Baptist Church against the film, "Red State," which was playing at the Eccles Theater, which is part of Park City High School. (They have been making headlines lately by picketing funerals of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and are known for their hatred of gays and some other groups.) They were met by an estimated 200 high school students protesting their protest, shown here in a photo taken by a friend and fellow volunteer:


No one was hurt, although some of the students and other supporters who joined them were rowdy. As for star sightings, I have seen many familiar faces, including William H. Macy and Ray Liotta. I have seen several other films I have enjoyed, but my new favorite is Salvation Boulevard. I'm sure it will be available in theaters and Netflix. It stars Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear, Marissa Tomei and Ed Harris. It's very funny, but gives you a lot to think about. It's one I think I would like to own.

I got some time to work on the Gretel Cardi for Daphne. I started this last week and had time to work on it during my shift Monday, when I was a ticket-taker, and again Friday, when I got to guard a door. (My other shifts were all in the theater as an usher.) Here's a progress photo for the cardi:

The cardi is the Natural Beauty for Baby from Knit On Down  published by The House of White Birches using Knit Picks' Swish Worsted   in Delft Heather, machine-washable and dryable, good for baby apparel.

Vintage Stitchers met on Thursday, and, as usual, there were some interesting items for show-and-tell. Rebecca changed the border from what was used in the pattern:

The pattern is from Simple Graces  by Kim Diehl.

Diane is on her sixth block from Hop To It!   by Edyta Sitar. (It was the book I got my bunny block from that I used in Daphne's quilt.)

Barbara brought some quilt tops her sister made, so Julie can quilt them. Here's one:

Here's another, first the top:

The the backing, also spectacular! (The sister lives in Texas.)

The sister sent them to Barbara so Julie could quilt them for her. You can send quilting directly to Julie. You can contact her at

Janet started this quilt years ago. A UFO finished! (Well, all but the quilting and binding.)

Here's another she started long ago:

Remember this quilt of Diane's from two weeks ago? The quilting is done!

Barbara got back some finished projects, too. Here's the car seat cover, all quilted. Julie had to work around the ties:

And the quilt for the same baby:

We haven't had a gratuitous baby photo, so here is Daphne, waiting for her Gretel
Cardi to be finished:

cutie pie

She is starting to crawl now, but the photo of her in action just shows her cute butt instead of her cute face.

Stay tuned for more adventures of the fearless knitter/spinner/quilter and fan of films from the rarified air high above Park City!

Note: This blog post was produced entirely on the iPad. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for or cleaned.

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