Wednesday, January 5, 2011

High Fiber--Farewell and Back to Normal

Miss Daphne and her family are on their way home.

You will see in the photo the felted diaper bag in use, Karen's new felted bag she got for Christmas lying in a bin, Daphne in her BSJ. David isn't wearing his scarf in the photo. Here it is in use:

We had a wonderful visit with both granddaughters, shown here, using my iPad to check their Facebook pages and email:

I got some Daphne time, too. She really likes to be held and cuddled. Here I am with her, keeping her happy so her mom can have a rest.

We will see them again in July for the wedding of their uncle. The tree has been put away and all the baby stuff that stays here has been collapsed ready for storage. As soon as all the boxes of wrapping paper and ribbon are stored away, we will be back to normal. Whatever that is!

I got one more knitting project done during the holidays. We went out for a sushi lunch and then to a movie, and somehow my purple knitted hat got lost. Hand knit, but just acrylic, and I had had it a long time, so it wasn't a big deal, but I needed a hand-knit cap to wear! I had the yarn--Andean Silk in cranberry--and so I CO right away. I finished it last night.

It's the Claudia Hat by MJKim. It's so much warmer than my old acrylic hat! I also got a few more inches done on the second sleeve of my La Boheme Cardi. Soon I can join the sleeves and body and start on the yoke. That's the fun part!

I missed out on one of my New Year's Resolutions for last year: Learning how to knit backwards. Well, it moves forward to this year. Last year was one of the busiest of my life, and this year promises to be busy too, with DGD1's graduation from HS, the wedding and Sock Summit! I have lots of spinning, knitting and quilting projects planned or in progress, though, so it should be a fun year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Happy knitting, quilting, spinning and crocheting!

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