Monday, December 27, 2010

High Fiber--Family and Friends...and Birthday

What a Christmas it has been! How wonderful to have family around you with it's accompanying chaos!

Daphne's BSJ is perfect; just big enough to be able to last for a while, but still small enough to wear now! The quilt was a big hit, too! They loved the colors and the label with the photo of their little family.

I received a really special present from DH: pretty much the contents of my KP wish list!

It included some IDP patterns (he got all of them from my list), which he printed and placed in plastic sheet protectors, all ready to use), the Balkan Booties kit and some Zephyr size 17 tips, which completes my set! Not shown is The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning by...Alden Amos! (It's on my bedside table.) If you can't find any of these items, let me know. There are too many to put a list with links here.

Before we opened presents, we went for a snowshoe. Can you find Daphne cozily sleeping?

DH is on the left, DD's family and DBIL on the right. The red heeler mix is Onslow, Rocky and Sunny's cousin by adoption. He belongs to DBIL and really enjoyed getting out in the snow. (They are both missing their pack leader.)

We had a nice Christmas dinner with salmon DH smoked on top of the stove, yams, broccoli, homemade bread from my bread machine but baked in the oven, salad and apple pie. We Skyped with DS2 and his SO early in the morning, as they are in Thailand right now. (BTW, they are engaged! Yippee!) In the evening, we Skyped with DS1.

As you may know, the 26th is my birthday. I had many wonderful internet well-wishes, and a wonderful day here. We went out to brunch at No Worries after church. I had some presents to open, including this bookmarker and st markers from a special friend who knows how much I'm into babies right now.

I got some other cards and presents from close friends. The photo below shows a sample.

I saved my new bag and spindle to open for my birthday. It will be my primary knitting bag, as soon as I get moved in and arrange my furniture. (It's huge!)

DH gave me the parts for a hackle, and a coupon for labor to put it together. Good deal!

DGD1 comes today. I will have more to report after she opens her presents!

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