Sunday, December 5, 2010

High Fiber--Elevating Knitting and Quilting to a Whole New Level!

The rush to finish projects is on! Here's the scarf just finished Saturday:

It's 100% alpaca, so should be nice and warm! It's for a family member who might see this, so I can't say, but I'll try to post a photo later on its new owner.

I have never made so many presents for friends and relatives as this year! I have another knitting/crochet bag partially done. Here's before felting:

...and here's after felting:

I'll post a photo when I have the lining in and the handles on. (I ordered the handles and am waiting for them to arrive.)

I have started another hat:

(If you noticed that I'm using two different needle tips, it's because I will have to go to two circs when I start decreasing. The needle I knit off with is the right size, and the
other is a size smaller. It works!)

My friend Julie has finished the machine quilting on the second quilt:

I still need to sew on the binding and label, and give it a good wash to make it pucker up.

The Baby Surprise Jacket is still waiting to be finished. I can do that when Daphne is here if I don't have time before.

The weather hasn't been very good for hiking or snowshoeing, so we have been walking on the street. Squeeky often appears on our back deck. He has been busy storing peanuts for bad
weather. Otherwise, no wildlife other than birds has turned up at our home lately.

Holy Cow! Was that a sale, or not! I hit both KP and CT for sale items, mostly for gifts. Thanks for helping me make a nicer holiday for my family members!

Tomorrow (Monday) the pups get groomed, and we will take photos for our holiday cards. That should be interesting!

My iPad app of the week: Zinio, provider of eMagazines, like Knitter's--

This is a free download and is great on the iPad! Or you can choose to subscribe. Just click the box of your choice. This is a BIG issue. I weighed the paper version (I have the subscription),
and then weighed my iPad. The magazine was only 2 oz lighter than my
iPad in its case, but the eMagazine didn't add anything to the weight of
the iPad. One nice thing is, I can print any patterns I want to use
(once I get a wireless printer, of course)! I was able to get Vegetarian Times as an eMag, too. I'm looking forward to seeing other eMagazines appear.

What's on my wheel: Still the pacapoo. Making progress, but slow.

What's on my spindles: The Ashford merino and silk and the Louet corriedale aqua.

What's on my iPod: A River in the Sky by Elizabeth Peters from Audible and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll from Librivox, podcasts Sticks and String, The Knit Wits, Cast On, Yarnspinner's Tales, The Spin Doctor, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, The iPad Podcast by Macs Future, Electric Sheep and looking forward to the next Knit Picks
Podcast, of course.

What's on my night stand: Color in Spinning by Deb Menz. I'm learning all the things I could have done, LOL!

What's on my frame: Still the hand-pieced quilt. It will get done, I promise!

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