Monday, December 1, 2014

Giving Thanks for...Local! Yarn! Shop!

Wasatch & Wool just opened up near me, about five minutes by car.

It's the first yarn shop in Park City in many years that wasn't in a corner of another store. We have had a Michael's for several years, but if you wanted the nicer, higher-end yarns (not to mention classes), you had to drive down to Salt Lake City. The nearest one is 15 miles of road that's treacherous, especially in the winter.

Wasatch & Wool has a nice place to sit and knit, and fairly well stocked shelves with some favorite knitting yarns. Classes will start in January, and they plan to carry some spinning and weaving supplies. The high shelves are accessible by ladder, so they can maximize the storage space. It will be fun to see what else they stock once they get going. Here's what it looks like from the outside.

DH and I stopped by on Shop Small Saturday, after Breakfast at No Worries and a visit to Davidene's Quilt Shop.

Here's what I bought on Saturday, all stuff for me, as I haven't really started shopping for Christmas yet:

The "Reflections of Butterflies in Lemonade" quilt is on the bed:

I still have to sew on the label. Davidene printed the label for me on Saturday, as our ink jet printer isn't working. (I did buy the fabric sheets for the labels from her, but she doesn't really have to print them for me. She wouldn't let me pay her for the printing, either.)

It has been a little cold lately, so Rocky has been wearing his sweater most of the time that he's in the house. I need to wash it fairly often, and since I don't like to put it into the dryer, he really needs a spare. Here he is, wearing his current sweater.

I've started another one for him out of leftover Swish DK from this and other projects. I'm using the same pattern, but with the sheep motif from "The March of the Fibers," which I plan on starting soon. This will give me a chance to practice one of the motifs from that project. I'm also making a plain crew neck, instead of the turtle neck. I've been making good progress. (If I have enough yarn left, I really should make myself a hat with the same design.)

The Oregon boys participated in the Turkey Trot with their parents Thanksgiving morning. 
Can't wait to take their mom and their auntie to our new yarn shop in a few weeks, assuming the dads will babysit.

What's on my needles: Besides the Johan socks and Mr. F's clothes, the new sweater for Rocky. Still hand-quilting my Spring Flowers quilt, two appliqué blocks done and about 1/3 of the entire quilt finished. Ready to sew the label on the "Reflections" quilt.

What's on my Featherweight: Still silently waiting for the next sewing project.

What's on my iPad/iPhone: Listened to Dean Koontz's Twilight Eyes, then Georgette Heyer's The Corinthian. Now I'm on Jodi Taylor's A Symphony of Echos, the second volume on "The Chronicles of St. Mary's." All of these were from Audible. Still reading Sherwood Smith's Crown Duel, from Book Bub on the iBook app.

What's my app of the week: We had Thanksgiving Dinner music on all day Thanksgiving, while we cooked and cleaned. Then we switched to soft classical music when our company arrived. We used the iTunes Radio app, which is great, and free if you don't mind commercials. You can pick from their selection, or you can pick a type of music, a composer or a performer, and they will make up a custom radio station for you using music of that type.

What's in my wine glass: Crane Lake Malbec, 2013, nice and fresh, and one of our favorites.

What's my tip of the week: Have company coming for the holidays? If you're cleaning the toilet, and you want to get most or all of the water out of it to give it a good scrub, dump water from a bucket or big bowl (a goldfish bowl will work, but move the goldfish to another receptacle first) into the toilet all at once. This will push out the water, and it won't fill again until you flush. It doesn't take a lot of water, but you have to dump it all in at once. My toilets take about 1/2 gallon, but I suspect that elevation plays a role.

Note: This blog post was produced on the iPad and the MacBook, using the iPhone for some photos and some photo processing. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for, cleaned or broken. No animals were harmed during the production of this blog post.

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