Monday, February 17, 2014

The Groundhog Lied!

We drove through the rain this week to reach Vintage Stitchers, which met on Thursday.
We had lots of show-and-tell. Here's Carol's 1600 quilt. Here's the backing.
Kaffe Fassett fabrics usually manage to liven up a quilt. 
Diane got this quilt back from the quilter. I think this design is by Kim Diehl. 
It will be a great quilt to usher in springtime...coming earlier than usual this year, with Barbara's crocuses coming up already. 
Rebecca is working on this bunny cross-stitch on even weave. 
Diane is working on another appliqué. 
While everyone was quilting, I was finishing DH's Christmas Waffle sweater, a WIP of more than a year. I won't repeat the whole story. You can read it in my previous blogs. But ta-da!
Here is His Nibs trying on the sweater before blocking. He took off his glasses to try it on, in case you wonder why he has a dazed (nearsighted) look. He's still pretty cute, if you ask me.
I'll try to get a photo of him wearing it after blocking. It's still damp as I write this. I've picked up my Dogwood Blossoms again, and it's moving along. I discovered a hole close to where I stopped knitting. Moths? I didn't see any other holes. It was fortunate that all I had to do was rip back a few rounds and reknit. Maybe I shouldn't leave my knitting so long in hibernation. A lesson learned. 
Valentine's Day brought my latest Knit Picks order:
Sock dpns (the whole 6" Sunstruck set), Stroll fingering in Bare and Stroll Tweed fingering in Flagstone Heather, enough of each for a pair of socks. 13 skeins of Andes del Campo HW in Brass Heather (sale item), enough for a nice cardigan. Great Valentine's Day present to myself!
I want to use the Andes del Campo HW for this great cardigan:
I may do this cardigan first, using City Tweed HW in Romance, which is in my stash. 
I also need to make a new sweater for Rocky, who feels the chill in the winter. I have enough Swish DK left over from the Christmas Waffle sweater and Daphne's bunny suit to make this sweater for him. I'm thinking about this one in two colors.
That was Friday. Saturday some friends and I drove (well, I drove, and they rode) up to the Acorn Antique Fair at the Weber County Fairgrounds a few miles north of Ogden. It was about 50 miles each way, stopping in Morgan for breakfast on the way there.
We saw some great quilts, like this 9-patch:
Anyone know what this is called? It looks like a four-leaf clover or a shamrock.
Then we saw this Grandmother's Flower Garden. 
Also an interesting variation on the Flower Garden. 

There was also this Churn Dash:
My only purchase this time was this set of bunk beds for Daphne's dollys. I'll make some nice bedding for them and send them to Wisconsin in time for her fourth (!) birthday. Her Bitty Twins will have their own beds to sleep in. Wanna bet they still sleep in her bed?
We had lunch at the Union Grill at the train station, as usual. Then we went on to The Needlepoint Joint.
Joanie picked up some yarn and buttons for a baby sweater for a friend's grandchild. I nabbed some Eucalan to wash my delicate knitted items, and this wonderful book I've been lusting after for more than a year. 
DH is half Finnish, so we have an interest in all things having to do with that ethnic group. (And now I know I have some Finnish, too.) I find I like weaving rugs more than any other type of weaving. Kay found a nice sweater pattern in the sale bin. The whole day, we left our coats in the car.
In adorableness news, Soren's mom posted this photo of him wearing his Green Pastures Cardi:
It's good to know its wearable but slightly too big for him. He'll be able to wear it for a while. 
The Bees' Knees cardigan I made for Daphne a couple of years ago is now worn by Zachary, still holding up after many washings.
What's on my needles: Christmas Waffle sweater done and blocking. Finishing Dogwood Blossoms. "Green Tea" socks, second sock coming along, working on the foot. 
What's on my loom: Christmas present scarves, moving along slowly. I'll try to get back to it after the Olympics are over. 
What's on my Featherweight: Piecing the second I-spy quilt, this one for Soren. Planning a sewing day for Wednesday.
What's on my iPad/iPhone: Finished The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman, a story about an Australian lighthouse keeper and his wife living on a remote island after WWI. I just learned that it has recently been make into a movie. Just started The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer, also from Audible. Almost done reading Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen, by Sally Smith O'Rourke. Also listening to the Fiber Hooligan podcast and the Knit Picks podcast, as usual.
What's my app of the week: My credit union's eDeposit. I had to take a disbursement on an annuity. I used this app to deposit the check by email. So easy! So quick! No stamp needed! You just take a photo of the front and the back, and voilà! It's in your account within 20 minutes. Ain't technology wonderful? (When it works, at least, and it did this time.) I've also been getting some use out of the NBC Olympics Highlights app. 
What's in my wine glass: A white for a change. Fisheye Chardonnay 2012. It isn't going to get any better during storage. Might as well drink it.

Note: This blog post was produced on the iPad and the MacBook, using the iPhone for some photos and some photo processing. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for, cleaned or broken. No animals were harmed during the production of this blog post.

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