Monday, October 8, 2012

High Fiber--Busy Days and Nights

My head is still spinning from the week's activities! However, I had lots of time to work on the Dogwood Blossoms cardigan:
In the center at the top, you can see where I bound off for the armholes and cast on sts for the steek (look for the green st marker). The front "opening" (another steek) is to the right. If you're new to my blog, I should tell you that both sleeves are done, so I'm sort of coming down the home stretch. I'm hoping to get to wear it this winter!
On the bathroom remodeling front, the sheetrock has gone in and we're texturing the walls today! We will be doing the painting ourselves, probably on Wednesday. We have the color picked out. The photo shows the master-bath section of the remodel. The doorway leads to the new closet hall, which used to be just a closet. We used to joke that we were visiting Narnia when we went into the master bath. Also in the photo, to the left of the doorway, is the vanity/sink area, which will have two medicine cabinets. You can see the space for one of them. The dark area to the right is the wall of the shower, which is backlit, so hard to see.
It's getting fun now, because we're starting to see what it will look like finished!
With the construction, we haven't been able to run the upstairs furnace, so it's a little chilly. DH has been chopping wood for the fireplace, which has been in use for the past couple of nights. We're sleeping in the downstairs guest room, though, and it's toasty there.
If you're wondering why I had so much knitting time in spite of a busy week, I made another trip to Colorado to register voters and canvass. We took my car this time, but I conned my passengers into taking turns driving, so I only had to drive a couple of hours out of the entire 12-hr. round trip!
This was the most fun of all the trips (five so far)! We always have great hosts to stay with, but this time we got a couple who have had a B&B. They treated us like paying guests! What fun we had with them! We also encountered some delightful people while canvassing, as usual. It's interesting as well to see the variety of neighborhoods in Grand Junction. 
In one of the neighborhoods we spotted this sign in front of a church. Love it!
I did have to miss church, because we drove back on Sunday.
Other interesting events of the week included the appearance of this guy in our neighborhood on Thursday:
He apparently wasn't interested in least not with us!

I think he might have been looking for this lady friend, a single mother with twins:

On the baby front (and I know how some of you love the baby front), Soren turned three months old on Friday!
And Zachary is six months old today! He's crawling now, so I predict Mom will be losing weight in the coming months. Happy six-months birthday, Zachary! (I'll try to have a photo of him next week.)

What's on my needles: Dogwood Blossoms, but looking toward more baby projects in time for Christmas.
What's on my wheel: Still the languishing Full Circle Roving in "Pidgeon." I found a new spinning buddy while phone banking, though, so I may be meeting with some spinners soon, which will get me to spin up the rest of the fiber. I'm so close!)
What's on my iPad: Still Dean Koontz's Odd Apocalypse. I'm looking forward to being able to just listen to the rest of it soon!
What's in my wine glass: Fisheye Shiraz 2010, in the big bottle. I think I deserve a couple of glasses after this busy week!

Note: This blog post was produced entirely on the MacBook. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for or cleaned.

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