Monday, July 16, 2012

High Fiber--Goodbye Baby Soren, Hello Oregon Highways!

New baby Soren's arrival put a crimp in my Tour de Fleece spinning. Here's where I was at the beginning of the TdF:
Here's where I was with my spinning when Soren was born:
This is what I have now. I'm nearly done with the first bump (of two) of Mountain Colors Targhee in "Crazy Woman." Not much spinning getting done, though.
I've spent a lot of time holding baby Soren, cooking and doing laundry, so the new parents can sleep. It has all been enjoyable!
Just to show what Soren has been up to, here is a recent photo of him at eight days old.
Is that cute, or what? He has already had several outings, including a visit to Chatterbox Coffee, where I got to hold him while everyone worked on a crossword puzzle.
I was hoping to have his Jasper Diamond Hoodie finished before leaving on Sunday, but as of the time I'm writing this, this is what I had done. Maybe I finished it. 
I won't have internet on Monday when this gets posted, so I had to write the blog early. I'll let you know next week whether I finished it before leaving town. There is mostly just the sewing up and the buttons to sew on.
The pattern is from Kristen Rengren's Vintage Baby Knits. The yarn is KP's Stroll Sport in Stream Heather. This is one of my favorite yarns for baby knitting. You never need to worry that it might end up in the dryer. It will be OK.
Now we're heading down the Oregon coast for a few days R&R before heading home. I'll read any comments when I have Internet.
What's on my needles: Dogwood Blossoms cardigan for me, Fiji Socks.
What's on my wheel: Still the Targhee from Mountain Colors.
What's on my iPad: Listening to KP Podcasts, Dean Koontz's Watchers from Audible
What's my lesson of the month: If you want to get a baby with lots of hair on his head, make him lots of warm hats before he's born!
What's in my wine glass: Still enjoying Trader Joe's "Two-buck Chuck" Charles Shaw, this time in Merlot. Soon we will be out of reach of Trader Joe's, so we're enjoying the best wine buy we know while we can.

Note: This blog post was produced entirely on the MacBook. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for or cleaned.

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