Tuesday, November 9, 2010

High Fiber--Playing with Cards....

As I write this, I just finished carding fiber for a hat for DH. Here's what I had to start with and what I ended up with:

From left: dyed merino, dyed merino blended in drum carder, bay black alpaca, dyed blended merino and alpaca carded together, and same mix carded further.

I ran the dyed merino through the drum carder until I had a homogeneous batt. Then I carded it with the black alpaca by making sort of a sandwich on the tray of the carder.

I carded the fiber several times until it looked like the fiber on the far right in the first photo.

The poodle fiber was very short, perhaps an average of 1/4 inch, so I added it by making a sandwich of the carded fiber with little pieces of poodle in the middle, covered with more carded fiber.

Here are the carded batts.

It will be interesting to spin. I'll post a photo of the singles and finished yarn. The batts are very soft and silky. You can still see some of the chunks of poodle fiber if you hold the batt up to the light. I call the fiber Pacapoo.

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