Monday, August 5, 2013

Dressing Ashley

I’m away on vacation, and in the place of my usual blog, I’ve decided to give you a special treat.
When our 20-year-old granddaughter was little and we had just come back from living in Indonesia, I bought an Ashley doll and dressed her up to give to our granddaughter for Christmas.
I had a lot of fun dressing Ashley and then taking her picture in various settings. She had to have some dressy clothes, and of course, a nice coat for going out in cool weather.
Here Ashley is showing you where we lived before coming back to the US. She's wearing a knit pullover and a pleated wool skirt.
We were living in Houston at the time I made these outfits, so of course, Ashley needed some clothes for hot weather!
As you can see, blue is Ashley's favorite color for her dresses.
A T-shirt with a sunflower on it is great for playing outdoors.
Our old Indonesian kitty stepped in to show how tall Ashley is. Kasih was on the smaller side for a cat. Here she's watching Ashley cook.
A sweatshirt is good for when it's chilly.
Or a whole sweat suit:
Overalls for gardening...
Of course, a raincoat is mandatory!
When playtime is over, it's time to go to bed...with your knitting, of course!
Then it's time for lights out and snuggling in bed with your teddy bear.
I hope everyone is having a great summer and keeping cool! Check next week for another special blog! When I post again on August 12th, I should have lots of interesting photos of projects and vacation activities.

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