Sunday, March 6, 2011

High Fiber--Goodbye to Sarak, Hello More Fiber Fun!

Sarak and I visited the Utah Olympic Park in Park City this week.

It was the venue for bobsled, luge, skeleton (visible behind us) and ski-jumping events during the 2002 Winter Olympics. Here are the two big ski jumps:

After viewing the runs and jumps there, we moved on to the Post Office for a tearful goodbye. (For more about Sarak and The Knit Wits Podcast, see previous posts.)

This was a big week for Mitts of Steal! This organization is designed to produce and disburse fingerless mitts to dialysis patients, who suffer from very cold hands during treatment, a condition called Steal Syndrome. Mitts of Steal received a name, a logo, a gift-card design, a Ravelry group and a lot more volunteers to make mitts!

The first pair I made were mailed this week, but not without a modeling session with DH as the model:

My friend Linda's mitts went along, too (featured in last week's post). They have reached Portland and are awaiting their new owners. I can't wait to see how many angelkarhu, our project leader, ends up with! You can see all about this useful charity project here.

You can find the Ravelry group here. Cherylbwaters, angelkarhu (kutoa on Ravelry) and I are co-moderators.

There are plenty of free patterns for fingerless mitts, and they can be made with leftover yarn or yarn of your choice. The only requirement is that the cuffs be no more than 3" so as not to interfere with dialysis. Join us if you can! If knitting in the round is beyond you, you can knit a rectangle and sew up the side, leaving a space open for the thumb.

When we have enough for angelkarhu's clinic we hope to expand to other clinics and other parts of the country. Cheryl developed the gift cards that can be attached to the mitts. You can print your own, but I plan on printing the cards for all the mitts I collect here in Park City or Salt Lake City. We are working on fliers to hand out at LYSs.

I have started a new pair. I'm using a different pattern and yarn. It's more interesting that way, and then I can recommend it to others from personal experience. Join us if you can!

Friday night we went with a group of people to watch the University of Utah Lady Utes gymnastic team compete against #1 ranked University of Florida

Both teams were excellent, but the Gators edged out the Utes. It was so close!

Saturday brought a trip to Salt Lake City's Elaine's Quilt Block for a class in the "Floral Bouquet" quilt from Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott.

It was a good class, and we got several blocks finished and understood how the quilt goes together before we left. Here you can see my friends Brenda and Janet (from Vintage Stitchers) working on their blocks.

This lady was new to quilting. It's her first! She did a wonderful job!

It's good to be quilting again. I really appreciate being able to handle the tools and manipulate the fabric after thumb surgery and the long recovery. My quilting abilities were the last to recover. (Pressing down on the rotary cutting ruler was painful.) Knitting and spinning kept me sane, as they continue to do.

I hope to have a picture of the shawl I'm working on next time, and photos of more fingerless mitts for Mitts of Steal. Knitting the mitts is cutting into my spinning time, but some of us have a spin-in planned for part of the time I'll be gone on vacation. DH and I are going to Death Valley with our 5th wheel and some friends. We should be able to get in some hiking and some fun with the pups.

I'm still listening to Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. It's a long book, but entertaining. I finished reading Hour Game by David Baldacci on my iPad (Nook app) and am now rereading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (as an iBook from Apple), which I haven't read for a while. I downloaded Died in the Wool by Mary Kruger, a fiber-related mystery not available to me through my local library. I used my Nook iPad app again and still had money left on my gift certificate from DS1 and DDIL from Christmas.

We're still getting a lot of snow, but it hasn't been sticking on the street. It will still be a long time until spring in Summit Park! The snow piles on each side of the driveway are still 6'-7' high. It will have to get very warm for it to melt. I am starting to dream of sitting outdoors with my spinning wheel....

Note: This blog post was produced entirely on the iPad. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for or cleaned.

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